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Uniform approach to manage your master data in a timely manner

MasterDataOnline focuses on the creation and change processes of SAP Master Data Management by establishing business rules, automated workflows and notifications. MasterDataOnline incorporates your data governance processes into a centrally managed system with decentralized business users.

UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code)

UNSPSC is comprised of over 21,000 codes and descriptions for products and services within a hierarchical numbering system. It is an open, global, multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services. The UNSPSC is a four level hierarchical classification system. Each level provides users with an increasingly focused level of classification.

eOTD (Electronic Open Technical Dictionary)

The eOTD is an open standard descriptive language that contains over 60000 Standard Item Names and over 30000 Standard Attribute Names, with definitions.
Organizational specific standards, reference identifiers or classifications can be easily tailored into MasterDataOnline to ensure each master data records is created consistently across your business.

Extract and clean up duplicates and incomplete records

MasterDataOnlineís Data Cleansing Client is specifically designed to extract and assist you with cleansing SAP master data. Flexibility to configure, transform and update extracted data with loading capability back into SAPís master record makes data cleansing easier and faster.

Suited for managing SAP master data across Materials, Bill of Materials, Customers and Vendors

MasterDataOnline is certified by SAP to ensure seamless integration to your SAP system. For more details about the certification. click here.

Uniform approach to manage your master data in a timely manner

MasterDataOnline is built on Acceler8 Business Application Platform which allows for integration capabilities via webservices or XML to other 3rd party applications which may benefit from a single source of master data information such as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Production system, or any other application or database.