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Amazon Alexa & Lex on Master Data Online

In the current day and age, it is important to keep up with the quality of life improvements on enterprise apps as well. Would it not be amazing to manage your work activities with voice commands? Do we really need an on-boarding process for new applications in the workplace? May be the app can teach[...]
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Are you worried about Data Quality & Data…

Are you worried about Data Quality & Data Migration after mergers & acquisitions? MDO is the answer to easily migrate master data from legacy system to new system with quality A leading oil & gas company based in Australia is using MDO to fulfill their data migration needs. With the acquisition of a new business[...]
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A perfect solution for SAP users to Standardize….

A perfect solution for SAP users to Standardize and Govern their Plant Maintenance and Material Master Data Everyday hundreds of data records are being added to ERP system of each organization, which leads to data challenges like Data Duplicates, Missing Records & Inconsistency to name a few in absence of a proper governance framework. MDO[...]
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Standardize and Govern your MRO Spare Parts….

Standardize and Govern your MRO Spare Parts with MDO’s Unique Description Generator Prospecta’s Master Data Online (MDO) solution has a unique feature – ‘Description Generator’, which ensures Data Quality and Standardization of Spare Parts. Today, most companies are still managing their MRO spare parts without any standard procedure and lacks data quality in the absence[...]
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Manage Material Management Governance & MRO…..

Manage Material Management Governance and MRO Spare Parts business challenges through MDO They all, amongst many others, manage their Material Records/ MRO Spares & Inventory using MDO – Master Data Online. MDO’s description generator module helps business users around the world to generate a standard description for each of their material/product. It assists business users[...]
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Master Data Online – Data Quality Workbench

MDO’s Data Quality Work Bench allows business users to define ‘Schemas’ based on required set of business rules. Plan your business rules on any of the below categories: 1. De-duplication 2. Accuracy 3. Validness 4. Completeness 5. Timeliness Post executing the schema, the MDO tool will highlight the line items which are not matching with[...]
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